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The KV 600 HP on-line shrink packer was built in 2016 by the German manufacturer beck packautomaten. The machine is fully functional, in very good condition and was only in single-shift operation from July 2016 to October 2017. After that it was stored as a backup.

Technical details

  • Output: 20 packs/minute
  • Operating hours: 1,265 h
  • The following items were packed:
    • Beer cans in trays (L x W x H)
      • 405 x 205 x 120 - 170 mm
      • 405 x 280 x 120 - 170 mm, transported crosswise
    • Film quality
      • Polyethylene shrink film (flat film),
      • Monoaxially shrinking, thickness 30 - 50 μm
      • Max. roll diameter: 250 mm
      • Inner core diameter: 76 mm
  • Welding width max. 600 mm
  • Passage height 280 mm (The pack height depends on the type and format of the product, film quality and film thickness)
  • Packaged goods height max. 170 mm
  • Packaged goods length max. 450 mm
  • Working height 880 mm +/- 50 mm
  • Running direction of the packaging system from left to right; operating side on the right
  • Infeed and outfeed belt conveyor, installed:
    • For automatic goods transfer in line
    • Equipped with separately switched drive motors
    • With laterally adjustable guides if required
  • Film roll holder for top and bottom film:
    • Motor-driven support bearing block
    • Max. film roll diameter: 250 mm
    • Regulated film take-off
    • Centrally adjustable side guides for the film rolls
  • Continuously heated transverse sealing system:
    • Pneumatic operation; air consumption approx. 140 NL/min. at 6 bar, dry and oil-free
  • Machine control:
    • Siemens S7; Simatic Touch Panel
    • Display of operator information, machine status and error messages
    • 2-fold piece counter; operating hours counter
  • Operating console
    • Control panel for convenient set-up
    • Control of the beck thermal shrink unit via touch panel
    • User-friendly menu navigation
    • Easy retrieval of data from the packaged goods data memory
  • Electrical supply
    • 3P/N/PE AC (TN-S) 230/400 V, 50 Hz
    • RCD protection device at least 300 mA
    • Connected load 14 KW

*There may be differences between the data shown and the actual values, this should be confirmed by the sales representative.

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